Episode 1: Ruckus and how slang spreads

How does slang spread? And can the average person set out to make a term go viral? Oh, and we have a word in mind …

Hosted by Eric Brandner and Davin Coburn, the Underscore is a podcast exploring and explaining what makes American culture interesting. On this episode, we talk to a quartet of word experts and dig through the history of how exactly language moves from the street to Twitter and a lot of unexpected places in between (including the dictionary).

And if you could all start punctuating your happy tweets with #ruckus, that’d be really great. (Listen and we’ll explain.)



Thanks to lexicographers/authors Tom Dalzell, Connie Eble, Jonathon Green and Kory Stamper for joining the podcast.


The Underscore’s theme music is a mashup by Gunnbladez and Stereo Surgeon. A special thanks to Chad Stewart for additional episode mixing.


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