Episode 4: Sounds of the subway

Lawsuits, spare change and a No. 1 hit featuring a New York subway singer: Join us as we go inside the world of street performers in two major American cities, and ask what role public art should have in modern urban planning.

Hosted by Eric Brandner and Davin Coburn, The Underscore is a podcast exploring and explaining the quirky side of American culture. On this week’s episode, we look at the life of a busker in the era of Spotify, the lawsuit one Washington, D.C., performer brought against the transit system to be able to play in the Metro, and the New York City program overseen by the MTA to bring music to the masses there.



Thanks to D.C.-area performer Alex Young, Busking Project founder Nick Broad, Sandra Bloodworth and Lydia Bradshaw of the MTA (which recently published a new book, “New York’s Underground Art Museum“), and to entertainer Damon C. Scott.


The Underscore’s theme music is a mashup by Gunnbladez and Stereo Surgeon.



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