Our favorite busking videos


In Episode 4, we introduced you to performers Alex Young, and Damon C. Scott.

There are, of course, thousands of other buskers the world over—and perusing their music makes for a wonderful YouTube rabbit hole to fall down. But to save you a little time, here are three of our favorite street performances.

In June 2013, Henri Herbert, the keyboard player for the Jim Jones Revue, sat down at a public piano on the concourse of St. Pancras International railway station in London. Then this happened.

The performer who goes by “Gordo” is a bucket drummer from Sydney. In 2013, he found a perch in the city’s Central Business District, and began to play.

Last year, guitarist Jesse Rya found a spot on a sidewalk outside a Kroger grocery store near Dallas. He didn’t get any donations from passers-by Howard Mullins and Ron Lashley—instead, their contributions were far cooler.

Last but not least, former busker Pierce Brosnan — who at one time earned extra money as a fire-eater while trying to break into acting — was a guest on Muppets Tonight in 1996. To close the show, he later recalled, Brosnan agreed to breathe fire. Unfortunately, he said, one of the prop guys there offered him a different kerosene than he’d traditionally used: “It was like rocket fuel,” Brosnan said. “I blew it, it all came back into my mouth and my mouth blew up.”

In the clip below, Brosnan gamely soldiers on — and even manages a smile — as the credits begin to roll.


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