Where can you hear New York City’s MTA performers?

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 6.29.15 PM

In Episode 4, we discussed the 350 rotating acts in the New York Metro Transit Authority’s “Music Under New York” program, who play approximately 7,500 performances each year. Musical styles and instruments range from classical strings to musical saws, jazz ensembles to Andean pipes to Gambian koras and beyond.

The map above, created by WNYC, shows the locations where you can hear Music Under New York’s performers around the city.

This year, more than 200 acts applied for the May audition at Grand Central Station. There, approximately 70 were invited to perform for a panel of judges. In the end, 26 were chosen for the roster of the long-running program. They are:

  • Chloe Iman, steel drum player
  • Cory Davis, classical and modern cello
  • Denis & Saint-Amour, 8-string guitar and drums
  • E.C. Salsero, Latin singer
  • Eric Archer, Celtic and folk finger-style guitar
  • G Wyll, R&B/jazz guitar & singer
  • Kane Mathis, West African harp-kora player
  • Mark Nomad, blues guitar & singer
  • Naomi Frank, American and British folk, banjo & singer
  • NYC Jazz Underground, straight-ahead jazz
  • Oliver Dagum, guitar/vocals
  • Opal El, pop/folk singer-songwriter
  • Receta Secreta, dance music trio
  • Spirit, Caribbean steel pan and mbira
  • Stiletta, female a cappella group and beat-box
  • Street Mule, didgeridoo world and tribal beat
  • Terra Quartet, string quartet
  • Thayls Peterson, Brazilian guitar
  • The Blue Dahlia, French, reggae, klezmer and jazz
  • The Queen’s Cartoonists, swing-style cartoon music
  • The Wisterians, French waltzes and American standards
  • Utopian Winds, clarinet quartet
  • VioliNYC, crossover classical violins
  • Zong Li Lu, Chinese monochord
  • Lost in Rhythm, Afro-Cuban percussion
  • The Sunnyside Social Club, New Orleans jazz band

More about the audition process can be found here:


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