Episode 5: 500 presidential candidates and counting

There’s Jeb Bush, Limberbutt McCubbins and Michael Castillejos. It’s not the beginning of a walks-into-a-bar joke, though it surely could be. They’re three of the more than 500 candidates who’ve filed FEC Form No. 2, which is the first official step to run for president. You likely know about Bush, McCubbins isn’t exactly eligible and Castillejos has some big plans.

Hosted by Eric Brandner and Davin Coburn, The Underscore is a podcast exploring and explaining the quirky side of American culture. On this week’s episode, we talk to three of the hundreds of candidates — an actor, a retiree and a libertarian/marijuana reformer — and ask them why they’re running. Which got us thinking…



Thanks to candidates Thomas Keister, Peter Breyfogle and Michael Castillejos along with Scripps Howard News Wire’s Quentin Misiag.


In this episode, we mention Thomas Keister’s run for the Clarksville, Indiana, Town Council. That run ended after we finalized the episode. You can read his press release here. Also, Keister has not actually filed an FEC Form 2 for 2016, though he intends to do so.


The Underscore’s theme music is a mashup by Gunnbladez and Stereo Surgeon.



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