Seven presidential candidates you should know (but you don’t)


Here are seven people you probably haven’t heard of who want your vote in 2016:

1. Josue LaRose: The first man to sign up, LaRose filed to run way back on Dec. 12, 2008. It’s not the first time LaRose has popped up on the political radar. He was lampooned on the Colbert Report in 2012 for starting hundreds of political action committees, including one called Billionaire Josue LaRose’s Dating Women Committee.

2. Thomas Keister: The American Marijuana Party candidate with a Twitter feed that’s made some waves. Keister’s claim to fame is this New York Times story that talked about how he had more Twitter followers than former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee.

3. Lincoln Chafee: The governor Twitter forgot.

4. Limberbutt McCubbins: This is a cat. Whose owner’s friend filed the necessary paperwork. And who also has more Facebook followers than we do.

5. Vermin Supreme: A longtime political agitator, Supreme actually received more than 800 votes in the 2012 New Hampshire Democratic primary.

6. Sydney’s Voluptuous Buttocks: Really funny. But can’t be real. (SFW)

7. Davin Coburn: Our very own co-host has officially thrown his hat into the ring, for no other reason—that we currently know of—than to see how easy it was. You can follow the ups and downs of his campaign here.


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